Wissam's Invention in Arabic Language Vocals


Wissam Shekhani was always fascinated by the perfection of the Arabic alphabet and grammar; he was more amazed by the Arabic artistic beauty of its multiple writing styles and sounds as well. Arabic is his native language and which he always appreciated and respected


Wissam wrote his name using Arabic beautiful letters creating an artistic piece. He is proud of this unique language and he admits that Arabic is a vast language that you can not stop studying and discovering more and more about this linguistic heritage.

Nowadays; with globalization and inter-communication of civilizations and languages; many modern words originated from "Latin" languages were introduced to Arabic language (such as equipments, humans and brand names, etc…); these "Latin" names have many letters which do not exist in Arabic alphabet; but only 2 main letters had created vocal conflicts in Arabic language:


The letter "P" and the letter "V" (see above figure)


The letter "P" in "Latin" was pronounced and written as letter "B" in Arabic ب"" (see above figure)

The letter "V" in "Latin" was pronounced and written as letter "F" in Arabic "ف" (see above figure)


Therefore; the Arabs (excluding francophonic Arab countries) started to confuse the letter "P" with the "B" and the letter "V" with the "F" since the letters "P" and "V" do not exist in Arabic alphabet.


Wissam Shekhani invented his conceptual linguistic solution to solve this issue and enrich the Arabic language with these 2 new Latin vocals introduced to the Arabic language.


Wissam did not want to add new letters to Arabic Alphabet since he respects his great Arabian language inventors and intellectuals; he did not want to create new letters similar to the Persian and Urdu languages as well.


He wanted to keep the same existing Alphabet without any new additional letters and without changing the "Pointing" of the existing Arabic letters. Therefore; he decided to work only on the "Accents" of the Arabic letters (تشكيل الحروف); since Arabic letters pronunciations are differed by "Accents" added above and under the letters; and that's what Wissam worked over.


He invented 2 new "Accents"; placed above the existing Arabic letters ب and ف causing to differentiate its pronunciation:


He added a small "P" as an accent above the Arabic letter ب "B" to change its pronunciation to "P" (see above figure)


He added a small "V" as an accent above the Arabic letter ف "F" to change its pronunciation to "V" (see above figure)


This way; Wissam Shekhani had invented 2 new vocals in Arabic language (the vocal "P" and the vocal "V") without adding new letters to the Arabic Alphabet. He believes that his invention will not harm the perfection of the Arabic language and in the same time will enrich this language.


By teaching the students these two new pronunciations; Wissam Shekhani believes that future Arabs will no longer confuse the letter "P" with "B" and the letter "V" with "F"; providing a development in Arabic linguistic abilities and adding more to this great Arabic linguistic heritage.


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