Wissam's Quadairplane 

Conceptual Futuristic Engine-Rotor Airplane, invented and designed by Wissam Shekhani on March 2012


Wissam's Quadairplane is an aircraft designed based on 2 aviation systems:

  • The "Quad Tilt Rotor System" at 4 corners
  • The "Booster Jet Engines with Exhaust Plumes" at aircraft peripheries

The Quadairplane landing and takeoff are vertically operated and the passenger accesses are centrally located, composed of 4 multilevel automated suspended elevators.

The aircraft can fly without wings and can stop in the air, due to the "Quad Tilt Rotors installed at its 4 corners and which can annulate the aircraft weight to apply the horizontal inertia forces produced by the "Booster Jet Engines".


The "Passengers Emergency Ejection Cabins" are 16 total; during emergency, 8 cabins will be ejected to above the aircraft and 8 cabins will be ejected to below the aircraft.

The cabins are fully equipped with mega parachutes and mega rotors to direct the cabin fall and insure a slow safe gravity landing on Earth.

As well as; the cabins are equipped with enough Oxygen supply, GPS tracking system and "Black Box" recording system for saving as much lives as possible



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