Wissam's 5th Dimension Theory

By convention the fourth dimension is time "t". 


The first three spatial dimensions locate an object in space; often this is done using Cartesian coordinates x, y, and z. In order to locate a moving object one needs to know when it was at a specified point (x, y, z). We do this by adding the time "t" dimension at which the object was located at (x, y, z) and write this (x, y, z, t).Thus time becomes the 4th Dimension.


But Wissam Shekhani claimed that there is a hidden 5th Dimension; a dimension which is not yet discovered by today's Science.  He noticed that the Time effect on objects is not the same; wherein Time was relatively changing from a location to another and from material to another:


1 hour relatively to a human is different than 1 hour relatively to a fly and different than 1 hour relatively to a stone.


If we consider that the Time dimension relatively to a human is the standard time dimension; the same period of Time was very fast relatively to a fly and very slow relatively to a stone. The same period of Time will affect a stone less than it affects a fly; in another way, the stone can resist time more than a fly does. This difference in Time relatively to different materials and this Time Resistance factor "tr" is the fifth (5th) dimension and write this (x, y, z, t, tr):


Time Resistance Factor "tr" = Time "t" x Material (combination of different molecules)


Wissam Shekhani noticed as well that people living under the same magnetic field or the same spatial region have the same perception of Time speed; although; referring to any clock; the Time is the same everywhere: day, season or year. But the 5th Dimension is the factor which will change the Time impact on materials; and this is why people feel that Time can sometimes be slow or fast or even stopping.


Usually, people relate this Slow/Fast Time perception to their own sensations, feelings and mood status; which is relatively true and it is most probably because of a different emotional internal factor besides to the 5th Dimension; causing humans to confuse between their own feelings and the 5th Dimension.


Having this virtually unverifiable claim; Wissam Shekhani is trying to come up with ways to gather evidence to back up or disprove his new Time Theory.