Visual Art Works (Painting, Sculpture & Photography)


"The Realism" is clearly present in Wissam Shekhani Art Works (paintings, sculptures and photography).


He always searches for showing a photo of the reality with true colors and shapes, framed in subjects that convey a social message; such the acrylic painting 120x120cm "The Thorns Of The Arabian Beauty".


Wissam's first successful exhibition was in 2004 at the "Arabian Art Gallery", "Al-Khobar City, Saudi Arabia.


Herein few of his best works in plastic arts: “The Industrial Destructive Beauty”, “Left Alone After Death”, “The Red Carpet Of The Prison”, “The Thorns Of The Arabian Beauty” and “Suspended Between The Dark & The Light”. 



 In Sculpture, Wissam Shekhani intends to provide life into stones and clays, creating interaction between the dead materials and the observer, establishing a transmission of his philanthropist messages; such as the "Qisarya Exodus"




















In Photography, Wissam Shekhani' Architectural orientation transformed his eyes to an alive camera zooming over the spaces and melting the engineering lines with the colors of nature; herein few of his impressive photographies: "Martyrs", "Open To Sky", "Monastery Domes" & "Doha Towers Through Arabian Arcades"