In Engineering Designs & Inventions


Wissam Shekhani is approved by SAVE International USA as a "Value Engineering Specialist"since 2007.


He is working as an "Industrial Architect" in the "design-construct" jobs for Mega Industrial projects, mainly in oil & gas, petrochemicals, power and water fields.


His Architectural style reflects the simplicity of "Industrial Engineering". Wissam Shekhani believes that every building is a perfect "Living Machine" designed to be used by humans for an ultimate ease and functionality.


He always gives the importance to the space functionality in order to design a "Better Life Style" for a developed social and urban environment as well.





He had invented the "Pentagon Arabian Arabesque Design" in 2002 and the "Industrial Craft Materials Travel Box" in 2008, the "Standsit Chair" and the "All-Directions Rocking Chair" in 2010.





























Similar to his art works; Wissam conveys social messages in his architecture, mainly in his conceptual design for "Brainwashing Machine"; located typically in all big cities to alert the pedestrians of potable water misusage.




Below are some of the original hand free Architectural sketches made by Wissam Shekhani during projects design phase; it is on these small white papers where he visualizes his concepts.