Wissam's Organism Life Theory


Further to continuous studies and observations over the Organism shapes and functions; Wissam Shekhani had set his "Organism Life Theory" in January 2011. His theory might unintentionally inspire an opposition to religious beliefs; but in fact, it is an additional value revealing the perfection of God's divine creation.


"Wissam's Organism Life Theory" will explain the Science behind today's different shapes of Organisms in nature; and will reveal the "Organisms scientific function" which can be the reason behind its creation by our Creator.




A "Machine" is a device that uses energy to perform some activity; it is composed of parts that assist in performing a specified process. Machine parts are located in the same sequence of its process; every machine shall have a "Start Point" and an "End point". (Example: A basic Machine that fabricates "Water Bottles" shall start with the parts which create the plastic bottles and end up with the parts which fill and seal these bottles). Wissam Shekhani has noticed that in all organisms, the same above "Machine's Conceptual Structure" is applied.


In all Unicellular, Insects, Animals (including Mammals, Fish, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Mollusk, etc…) and Plants Organisms; the different parts of the body are designed and located based on a defined sequence; this sequence reflects a process and gives the organism its actual shape.


Wissam Shekhani had divided the Organism Structure into 3 parts as follow:


1.The "Mouth" is always the "Start Point", located at the beginning of the Organism (ex: Crocodile, Chicken, Plants, etc…) or its center (ex: Starfish, Octopus, etc…); this is where the "Raw Materials" process start. (Note: The "Mouth" in plants is the "Main Root").


2.The "Body" is the "Process Part", and where the food is processed (ex: Cow, Bacillus Bacteria osmosis digestion, etc…). (Note: The "Body" in plants is the "Trunk and Branches").


3.The "Anus" is always the "End Point", located at the end of the Organism (ex: Worm, Snake, Horse, etc…); this where the "Product Materials" are produced. (Note: The "Anus" in plants is the "Leaves").


Wissam Shekhani believes that all Organs were created only to serve the "Material Process Sequence" of any Organism. He believes as well that the Processed Materials types will define the final shape of these Organisms; and therefore, the Organism shape is totally different from one to another due to its different type of nutrient.


Below is the list of basic organs location analysis:


  • The "Mouth" (or "Roots" in plants) is always the first organ in any body; it is the "Start Point"; it can be located at the beginning or at the exact center of an Organism.
  • The "Eyes" or "Sensors" are located only above-left and above-right of the Mouth to search for the food from a higher position and assist the eating process (2 eyes are created for 3D view purpose)
  • The "Nose" is located only above the Mouth and at a very close distance to detect the smell while eating and to search for food as well.
  • The "Ears" are located at extreme left and right of the Mouth to detect as well the Food / Water sources (2 ears are created to create a 3D sound effect and be able to determine the geographic location of food sources)
  • The "Hands", "Legs", "Tail" or "Flagella" (including its muscles and bones) are created only for transporting the Organism body while searching for food from a place to another.
  • The "Internal Organs", starting with tongue, teeth, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver and ending with intestines, are located in the same sequence of "Material Process".
  • The "Annex Internal Organs", such as lungs, heart, veins and blood are created to serve the body with the necessary energy required to perform this "Material Process".
  • The "Brain" (including nerves system) is located in direct contact with the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and the full body for an ultimate control of the basic senses; for assuring a perfect Material Process performance and for protecting the Organism life as well.
  • The "Anus"(or "Leaves" in plants); is the last organ in any body; it is the "End Point"; it can be located at the ending or at the exact center of an Organism.


Wissam Shekhani believes that "LIFE SECRET" will always remain a mystery; but what is almost sure for him; Organisms are "Great Living Machines" perfectly created to process Materials and perform the "Nutrient Recycling Process" in the nature.

(Note: The processed materials include "Nutrient" and "Gas").


Further studies are still conducted to verify "WISSAM'S ORGANISM LIFE THEORY". However; only God knows the real purpose of this "Nature Nutrient / Gas Recycling System".