Wissam's Russian Dolls Universe Theory

By convention the Universe is an infinite dark void with infinite number of planets, stars, galaxies and intergalactic spaces floating inside and governed by the same physical laws and constants.

The three elements of the Universe or Cosmos are: "Space-Time", "Matter-Energy" and "Physical Law"

The Universe is very large and possibly infinite in volume, it is even composed of many Universes (Meta-Universe or Multiverse); we can view only a small portion of the Universe due to limitation imposed by light speed; it is still uncertain whether the size of Universe is finite or infinite.


Wissam Shekhani had an advanced overview of the Universe definition and content; he was impressed by the "SCALE" of the Micro World and Macro World and claimed that the Universe we live in (which has the same definition mentioned in the above first text) has two Scales: 1st "an infinite small portion of a bigger Mother Universe containing our Universe and infinite number of other Universes" and 2nd"a huge Mother Universe composed of infinite smaller Universes".



Lets imagine that our Universe is the Universe reference zero "0" (the start point); and lets start to "zoom in" inside a stone for example or any material; our today's science can "zoom in" up to the molecules, atoms, protons, electrons and space between them only; but Wissam is looking for a far deeper zooming; billions of times deeper zooming, wherein Wissam claims that this Micro world we are zooming in will become a Macro world of infinite Universes in a different Scale.

Our Universe "0" will have inside it; in a different SCALE; infinite smaller Universes "-1"; and these Universes "-1" will have inside; in a different SCALE; infinite far smaller Universes "-2"…



Lets imagine now that our Universe is again the Universe reference zero "0" (the start point); and lets start to "zoom in" outside our sky to an infinite far distance; millions of times bigger and deeper than our today's tools and technology; wherein Wissam claims that this Macro world we are zooming in will become a Micro world relatively to a bigger infinite Universe.

Our Universe "0" will be just one of infinite number of other Universes forming the bigger Universe "+1"; and Universe "+1" will form with other universes "+1" the far bigger Universe "+2"…



Similar to RUSSIAN DOLLS, one Universe inside another Universe and those two universes are inside a bigger Universe, etc….

This system will continue to the infinite in both Scales: Micro and Macro.



In Wissam's Russian Dolls Universe theory, SCALE is very important; and to understand his theory, herein an easier example:

{ A man walking on the street can see the road and the sky and the trees around him with birds; a bacteria on the skin of the same man (imagine that this bacteria has eyes, and which it can't be true) will see a completely different scenery because of its smaller scale; the bacteria will see  a floor of huge bubbles (which are the skin cells of that man) and giant vertical pigmented filaments structures (which are the hair cells) and if that bacteria will look to its sky, it will find millions of far huge balls flying very fast (which are the dust), etc….

Lets go deeper, an atom forming that same bacteria will see a completely different scenery than the man and the bacteria (imagine that this atom has eyes, and which it can't be true), this atom will see other planets around (other atoms) floating in a dark deep huge void, etc…..} 

This example will explain to you on a very limited scale the theory as a concept only; because Wissam Shekhani did not mean the Micro world of Bacteria and Atoms; he was pointing to a typical Universes to ours and governed by the same "physical laws" of ours but with a billions and billions times of Macro/Micro scales.



Having this virtually unverifiable claim; Wissam Shekhani is looking for the verification of his theory by future advanced scientific tools in order to come up with the final reality and which will back up or disprove his new Universe Theory.



In order to avoid any offense to people believes; Wissam did not state in his RUSSIAN DOLLS UNIVERSE THEORY that there is humans living inside humans at a Micro Scale; his theory is only stating the Universe as a whole without taking into inclusion humanity and life; since humans are only existing on Earth and only God knows.